Why Promote First Relationships?

Early, positive interactions with caregivers create the foundations of emotional balance, attention regulation, and communication skills. All children are born into this world totally dependent on the relationships they develop with the people who are closest to them: their parents and caregivers. These first relationships are the foundation for young children’s growth and development in social, emotional, behavioral, language and cognitive domains.

How do I know if this is right for me and my child?

Here are some of the reasons caregivers have come in for Promoting First Relationships:

  • I have adopted a 0-3 year old and want a positive bond with him/her.

  • I have experienced anxiety, depression, and/or other post-partum symptoms.

  • I do not feel like I know how to be around or raise an infant.

  • I am scared that the ways I was parented as a child affects and/or will affect how I am parenting my child.

  • My child has special health care needs and/or are at increased risk of physical, developmental, behavioral, or emotional conditions that affect their functioning and learning.

What will we do?

I will go alongside you as a caregiver and promote your confidence and competence as a parent. By receiving positive feedback and having a promoted sense of wonderment, you will gain insight into the deeper emotional feelings and needs at the heart of your child’s behavior.


I am certified as a Promoting First Relationships practitioner. This treatment can be done in office as well as in the home of the parent(s) and child. I have been trained in the use of practical, in-depth, effective strategies for promoting secure and healthy relationships between caregivers and young children (birth to 3 years).